Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pasta Salad

This is a mixture between a recipe I got from Samantha and what I ate at Paradise bakery. I love that you can adapt the recipe to what you like. So feel free to do the same!

Pasta Salad

2 lbs. pasta
1 head/bunch broccoli
1 bottle Caesar Salad Dressing
1/4 of a red onion
cherry tomatoes
1 can olives
Parmesan cheese
Salt to taste

Cook pasta according to instructions on bag
Once cooled mix all ingredients and chill

***you can add or change the additional ingredients according to what you like. Other ingredients you could use could include bell peppers and chicken. You can also change what type of cheese you use as well. So good and super easy!***

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David and Natalie Reheis said...

Oh my gosh! I ALWAYS mess up pasta salad!!! I'm gonna try this, it looks so good!!!