Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shredded Green Chile Chicken

I altered this recipe a little bit as I have a bigger family and I wanted some leftovers to use in an additional meal. Below is the original recipe as well as my altered recipe.
The Original Recipe
3-5 Chicken Breasts
Couple Bouillon Cubes
1 Jar Herdez Salsa

The Altered Recipe
8-10 Chicken Breasts
Couple Bouillon Cubes
1 Jar of Herdez Salsa
1 Can Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

Add everything to a pot and let cook for an hour. Take out chicken and shred. Add chicken back to pot of juice. Allow to simmer for a few minutes to allow chicken to soak up juices.
This chicken can be used on anything from burritos, tacos, tostadas, etc.
Also made these delicious cookies...thanks Chelsea for that post ... I completely forgot about these cookies. They are so good. An alternative to dropping them on wax paper is spreading it out on a cookie sheet.

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Walters Family said...

It was absolutely delicious! Plus it was wonderful for the girls to make dinner! Loved it!