Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personalized Table...Stand?

Recently I went to a wedding reception (congrats Amanda & Jadon) and decided that instead of buying something I wanted to make something.
HOWEVER, i take ZERO credit for this idea. I saw it on a blog...I just can't remember which one so I can't give the creator proper credit!

Supplies that you need:

*A picture frame (bigger frame would make a tray that would be good for breakfast in bed maybe?) I got mine at a 50% off Saturday at Goodwill, and it was already painted a color I liked!
*Scrapbook paper/embellishments/ribbon and such
*Hot glue
*Wooden letters. You pick the size.

First you decorate the paper inside of the picture frame. Mine was actually a piece of cardboard (I did get it at Goodwill after all) so it was pretty sturdy! I decided to put the bride/grooms last name on the inside to make it more personal, but any phrase, quote or single word would work.

Next cover the letters (I did W since their last name is Walters) with scrapbook paper. I just used a glue stick to glue them on. After that dries, hot glue them to the bottom of the frame.


Things I learned for next time:

*Make sure your letters are the same size before purchasing them. For some reason one W (yes I'm sure it was a W and not an upside down M) was abotu 1/4inch longer then the other. Took lots of sanding to get it to fit.

*If your not going to cover both sides of the letters w/ paper make sure the uncovered side isn't dirty/scratched or else you might have to paint it white to cover that up.

*I would also suggest gluing a dowel to connect the letters at the bottom, just for extra stability.

* Don't get mad if people say "what thats suppose to be".

*Hold the letters in place one at a time so that when the glue dries the letter is straight.


Walters Family said...

Dang Cute... Dang, dang cute! Great job!!

Krissa said...

i thought this was a genius craft... i LOVE it!!!! and someday i will make one... its in my craft folder!!!!

Samantha said...

Wow, you did an amazing job on this project! I love it:)